I'm four days late. My period hasn't come yet, and I wasn't freaking out because Jeonghan said he was infertile. Did he lie to me again?

My period hasn't been late before. I've been under a ton of stress lately and I wasn't jumping to conclusions. I wasn't, at this point. I couldn't control what happens any more than I could control the weather.

I haven't seen Josh in his office for a week already. I think he'd got some business meetings to attend to, and never once had he visited me in my office for the past weeks that I came back from my vacation leave. And if he'd come to visit Honey in the house, I would always pretend I was busy.


I need space right now. Everything else can wait.

I finished up payroll for next week and opened Google to search for early pregnancy symptoms. I sifted through the results. Missed periods, breast tenderness, frequent urination, dizziness, nausea, intuition.

I knew all of this because I had experienced this with Honey.

But intuition?

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