I sat there and let out all the emotions I've been holding in for the past years. Emotions that have been building and collecting and piling up. Excitement, fear, stress, and sadness.

But, most of all.


My heart was begging, longing, yearning to be with Jeonghan. And now that he's here with me, I couldn't be happier.

Somehow, I managed to slow the tears and focused on the task at hand. Seeing my baby with Jeonghan for the very first time.

When Dr. Alison walked into the room, she gave Jeonghan and I a big smile. Her dark brown hair was pulled into a ponytail at the top of her head and her bright scrubs made the otherwise dark room felt bright.

Jeonghan attempted to leave me, to go back to his chair, but I wrapped my hand around his and silently asked him to be with me. He answered by lacing our fingers together as the doctor looked over my chart.

'It says here that your last period was May 9th," Dr. Alison noted as she scanned my chart.

'Yes, I nodded my head.

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