Josh helped me climb into his car before he walked around and settled himself in the driver's seat and started the engine. It was officially the first day of fall and the cold mountain air means the first snow should arrive any day now.

We let the car warm up as I laid my head back, taking deep breaths. The fresh air eased me as I took in deep gulps, let it filled my chest, exhaled through my nose.

I took a look on the side mirror and an unmarked police car was ready to follow us, guard us. I liked knowing they were closed by, but I hate remembering why.

'Does that Dr. Alison knew you have an appointment today?" Josh interrupted my thoughts and I shook my head. 'What?"

'My appointment was supposedly yesterday, but I forgot about it. Can you call her for me, Josh? I'm still feeling dizzy." I told him as I pulled out my phone inside my bag and handed it to him after unlocking it with my finger's sensor. 'You haven't met her yet?"

'Not yet."

Yeah, I remembered the other day,
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