Jeonghan's pacing in the driveway, his hands inside his pockets. Mom was sitting at the porch area, Honey on her lap. Josh took me back home because that was what Jeonghan ordered after we called him and he too, left his meeting. The two police officers took Jackson to the police station.

The convenience store owner told me to take the items free of charge when I tried to pay for them. But Josh paid for it, anyway. My limbs felt heavy and slow as I forced myself out of the car and into Jeonghan's waiting arms. His heart was beating practically as I laid my head against his chest.

'I'm fine. Jeonghan." I reassure him.

'No, you're not." he shook his head with a shaky breath.

He pulled away but his arms still wrapped around my shoulder. 'Mom…"

Mom cried and pulled me in a tight hug, pulling me away from Jeonghan. Honey brushed my hair with her little hands soothing me. 'You scared us, Yoo-Mi." mom said.

'I had Josh with me." I weakly responded as mom arms let me go.

'It's no
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