All I could feel was fear. It was an icy, prickly and terrorizing feeling that settled in my chest, in my blood, and in my bones. It made me hard to breathe, hard to think and hard to move. It was so hard to do anything other than slowly blinked as everything slowed down. Time slowed down, movements slowed down, my heart beating rapidly in my ears slowed down. No…no, no!

'Mommy!" I heard Honey again shouted.

And everything returned all at once. We're under the table, hiding. Mom's quietly sobbing while Honey's inside her arms. I felt cold hands on my cheeks and Jeonghan's dark brown eyes came into view. 'Babe, are you okay?"

I nodded as I felt Honey's tiny hands hugged me. The scuffing noise of chairs against the floor, confused voices, Honey's whimpers, my heart pumping in my chest, everything echoed in my head.

'Babe, I need you to call 911. Tell them we lost power and there's possibly an intruder." He was kneeled in front of me, his eyes begging me to listen to him, to
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