It's a fire!

Scarface was going to burn this whole place down! He's going to burn us alive! No!

I quickly rose onto my knees and told mom we need to get outside as quickly and quietly as possible. That we needed to work together to get out of here before the fire spread.

'Stay low, baby." I instructed Honey but she's too weak to move. 'Baby, can you hear me?" I asked and she's not replying. I held her arm ready to carry her but mom stopped me.

'I'll take her." she said, feeling the tension and worry oozing out of her body as mom's body shook beside me.

'Mom…" I protested.

'I can do it, Yoo-Mi. Go take the lead. Save yourself for your babies, sweetheart." She said and she lifted Honey up, carrying her, shielding her body from the fire, from the windows crashing, from Scarface.

I let out a string of curses as I tried to push through the front door. I saw a hard metal on the ground and I didn't think twice to pick it and slammed it into the door but it was stuck. Something f
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