My eyes were sticky, crusty, and glued shut as I shifted uncomfortably on a flat, lumpy mattress and heard the distant sound of a monitor beeping. There was something on my arm. Something stiff and unbending. I tugged at the arm, felt something cool, like a tube along my fingers. Then, the distinct feeling of someone lacing their fingers with mine. I swallowed harshly.

I tried to call for Jeonghan, tried to force myself to speak, tried to pry my eyes open but everything hurts. Especially my head. It was pounding in rhythm with the glaring noise in the room but then I heard someone said. 'Push Yoo-Mi!" What?

Slowly, I worked to open my eyes and a tiny sliver of bright light, white, sterile. I'm in the hospital. 'Push Yoo-Mi!" and I'm giving birth! Oh god! But I'm only seven months pregnant!

I knew I should be worried about the hazy, pulsating thuds ricocheting through my head, making it hard to see clearly, but all I could think about was the baby.

I looked over at my righ
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