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Miss Sang was walking down the hallway, going to the faulty room. She was humming "Solo" a KOREAN k-pop song she loved so much by Blackpink.

She stopped in her track, not humming anymore and with that sweet smile on her face when she saw Mr Hwang coming.

Mr Hwang smiled and stood in front of her. Just three to four steps distance between them.

"You look happy" Mr Hwang stated. Might be because she was planning her big mission this evening but she wasn't going to tell him that. "Someone asked me out on a date" she said instead

"That's impossible" Mr Hwang said his gorgeous light blue eyes shone with happiness. "What?! You think no one will ever like me?" Miss Sang asked with a deep frown on her face. She looked adorable, "Let me tell you, I have a lot of admirers"

"And they're all high school kids"

"That's none of your business" Miss Sang folded her arms around her chest with a frown on her face, "Okay, okay, drop that" too bad he had to drop this issue. He was having fun.

"So, did you tell your students about the deal?" Miss Sang unfolded her hands and nodded, "But I didn't tell them about me resigning if they didn't do well. I don't want them to know"

With an angry look, Mr Hwang called her name in a scolding tone, "Sang Hara!" Her full name. Mr Hwang just called her by her full name! He must really be angry. Miss Sang licked her lower lips,"Y....yes"

"You" Mr Hwang pointed a finger at her about to say something but then he dropped it, and walked past her in anger. Miss Sang immediately turned back to Hwang who was giving his back to her. Hwang Joon-su has never called her by her full name or given name since they met again in this school. It was always her surname. But today..... Was he that angry?

Miss Sang didn't know whether to stop Mr Hwang or not and just stood there and watched him leave.

She would try her best for Joon-su to forgive her when he comes back to the faulty room. And with that mindset, she turned, continuing her journey to the faulty room.


Reaching the classroom, Mr Hwang was now in front of the students, glaring, looking at their faces one after the other. He placed his maths notebook on teacher's tall table before the class. And looked up at the students again.

"Okay, I have something to say" They stared at Mr Hwang wondering if they did something wrong. Well, they (excluding the smart students) always did something wrong when it came to their studies Where did they offend him yet again?

"Class president, did Miss Sang share some news with you when she came?" Mr Hwang asked Seung-Won who was the class president. It was a given. If it wasn't him then who else? Though Mr Hwang knew the answer to his question, he still asked, glaring at the unfortunate students.

"Yes, she did" Seung-Won answered. Oh, and by the way, if you are wondering who the vice class president is, is Yeol. That too was a given. If it wasn't him who else? Well, he did have a hard time getting that position because of Yoo Hee who wanted to stand by Seung-Won but he fought hard. More like the others fought hard for him. They kept insisting they wanted Yeol to be the vice class president while Yoo Hee was fighting on her own. Insisting fiercely, but at the end of the day, Yeol got the position. Not only because he was the perfect candidate but also because no one else wanted Yoo Hee to be of course except Yi Soo, her friend and even Miss Sang herself didn't want to give the position to Yoo Hee either.

And on that day, Yeol received a fierce glare from Yoo Hee as his congrats.

"Great. Well, she left something out" They all stared at Mr Hwang in shock, "What did she leave out?" Mo Ah asked curiously, "The deal was that, if you all do well in this coming exams, you will have three weeks holidays and Miss Sang will also receive an apology from the principal and if you all don't, she will resign"

Their eyes widened in shock at the new information. Why did Miss Sang hide this from them? Why didn't she tell them? Didn't she trust them? This was the real catch!


"Yeh-Hee, are you okay?" Yeh-Hee's sitting mate and friend asked. Everyone was out of the classroom because it was break time. But she couldn't go anywhere because she was experiencing an intense pain in her stomach. She was shaking, sweating a lot as she had her head on her desk, seated. It hurt so much. 

She slowly turned to look at her friend, Park Seung-ho who was standing beside her on her right side where his seat was. Park Seung-ho was a handsome kid with a serious look. He had dark black hair and blue eyes. He might have a serious look mixed with irritation and anger but deep down he was kindhearted, considerate, protective, caring and patient. Only when it came with Yeh-Hee and his family though.

She watched as Seung-ho's eyes widened in shock. Must be because of all the shaking and the sweat on her face and the tears she was shedding because of how painful it was.

"Seung....ho" she said in a hurtful tone. Seung-ho panicked, "Wait here, I'll go call a teacher" he said and rushed out. Yeh-Hee wrapped her hands around her stomach. She wanted to stop Seung-ho but didn't get the chance to because of how fast he left. She didn't want anyone else to find out. She was sure Jin-hee would be contacted and she didn't want that. She didn't want to scared or worry her sister who already had a lot on her hands plus caring of her.


Everyone was attentive, listening to Mr Hwang as he teach. After what he said, they made up their minds to study hard so Miss Sang wouldn't have to resign. This wasn't only about the holiday anymore, this was also about securing Miss Sang's job.

With Yoo Hee, she didn't care less about what would happen to Miss Sang if those stupid losers failed the exams. She was only learning hard because she also wanted to go on this trip. She would be able to spend time with her Seung-Won after all.

The door suddenly slide open, revealing a panting Miss Sang. Miss Sang got all their attentions the moment she entered, "Miss......" Mr Hwang started but he was cut off by Miss Sang "Sorry Joon-su" Mr Hwang's eyes widened in shock. Hara called him by his given name. That has never happened since they met again in this school. The first time they met, Hara called him by his surname and that was might because he also addressed her by her surname. He thought she was still uncomfortable with him that's why she called him by his surname.

"Jin-hee! Something happened" Jin-hee immediately got up, already worried. Her friends and Seung-Won were also already worried but Sun Bong, Bok Dong, Yi Soo and Yoo Hee stared at Miss Sang and Jin-hee with confusion.

"Is it Babe?" Miss Sang nodded, "Yes, she's at the hospital" Without second thought, Jin-hee rushed out, leaving through the back door. Miss Sang immediately followed, leaving the class worried. Yoo Hee looked unconcerned about the situation. She didn't know this Babe but she hated Jin-hee.

And so, she wished the news caused her(Jin-hee) a lot of pain.

Serves her right.

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