Rich People

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No, no, please don't. I'm begging you please don't do this? Please! You're my father please! I don't want this! I don't want this! Don't! Don't! Please, I'm begging you!

Jin-hee begged, pleaded while she was asleep, tossing and turning in her sleep. Looking scared, horrified. The night before playing in her dream. How her own father chased her around the living room, unzipping his jeans and the buttons of his shirt. Jin-hee knew what that meant! The new thing his father wanted to try out was rapping her! That bastard drunkard father of hers wanted to rape her! He wanted to taint her! He wanted to take away the first time of her sex life she never planned to! Why?! Why! Why was he doing this?! Was he possessed? Did her own father hate her that much?!

What did she do wrong?! What did she do to deserve this?! What?! She didn't know, nothing came to mind either. Why? Why? She didn't want this! She didn't want this! Not at all.

Someone! Someone! Someone! Please! Someone please! Someone help! Help her! Anyone! Please help!!

She yelled, waking up forcedly from the nightmare. She sat up on the bed with the blanket covering her from her waist to her legs. She was panting, sweating.


Where was she?

Jin-hee looked at herself and realised she was wearing a nice flowery top. Drawing the blanket completely from her, her eyes set on the white skirt up to her knees. It was beautiful and she was sure she looked great in these cloths. Wait! This wasn't one of her dresses!!

Where was she?!

She looked around. Seconds there, she thought she would be in her and Yeh-Hee's room but no. She was in an unfamiliar bedroom and for once, she realised how comfortable the bed was. This wasn't her and Yeh-Hee's room. Her old room wasn't painted plain white and the decorations weren't this beautiful. There was no king size bed or was it queen side bed? with comfortable pillows on it. There was even a new expensive looking lamp on the nightstand attached to the bedside.

Even the studying desk wasn't the same. Scanning the room well, there was two studying desks.

The painted brightening white two wardrobes she was seeing wasn't the same as the ones in that house.

The room was big, Jin-hee looked up at the ceiling,

Damn! The ceiling had stars design on it. This wasn't her room. No, this wasn't her room. Where was she?

Jin-hee scanned the room again, she noticed her travelling bag on the corner of one of the wardrobes a few steps from the bed she was currently seated on.

This wasn't her house, and her stuffs were even there. What was going on? She needed to figure it out.

And at that moment, she feeling felt the result of getting beating on her back which already had wounds which wasn't healed yet. She yelled out in pain, cursing, "Shit shit shit!"

How could she have forgotten? She was too careless and stupid!

Damn it!


Taking her time, Jin-hee was finally able to get off the large soft and comfortable bed, leaving the room. She was currently walking down the hallway, feasting her eyes at the beauty of the house.

Damn! The house was beautiful and luxurious, whoever brought her here was seriously rich.

What the heck was she even doing here?! How did she even get here?!

Getting down the stairs, Jin-hee noticed the dining room with a door probably leading to the kitchen. Damn! The house wasn't just elegant and beautiful, it also smelled nice. This was nothing like her house. Her house always reek of the disgusting smell of spoiled food, dirty cloths and alcohol. And it was all thanks to that good for nothing father of hers who refused to let her clean the house.

Saying he loved it that way. The man had turned into a pervert and a creep. Makes her wonder why her beautiful elegant mother fell in love with him in the first place.

Well, he wasn't always like this, after what she heard from her neighbor who already left, that was her conclusion. She didn't know if she should blame the alcohol or her father himself who abused the alcohol like it was his life.

Reaching the living room, Jin-hee scanned around before her eyes landed on a door straight ahead of her. That door must be the entrance door, probably. She had to leave now. She didn't know what was going on or why she got to this place but she knew she didn't deserve to stay even for a second. Not even to wait and thank the people who brought her.

Shit! Maybe she should have taken her bag with her.

"Jin-hee" her name was called by an unfamiliar voice. She turned to her left and finally noticed the people who were seated there, watching her.

Oh, right, she was in the living room. Before, she noticed the huge living room with blue-black beautiful expensive looking couches and that huge TV screen turned on, showing a KOREAN drama "To the beautiful You" she knew that drama because Mo Ah recommended it but has never watched from beginning to end, and for some reason, she didn't notice the people who occupied the couches.

There were about three couches and smaller designed chairs in the room. The living room was huge and beautiful. Just how rich were these people?

She stared at the people one after the other. The first man she recognized first was a man in his 40s or so she thought. He was very handsome, very handsome man with light blue hair and blue eyes. The next person was a beautiful woman with long dark black hair and blues eyes. The woman was so beautiful that it took her a while to take her eyes off her.

The next person shocked her. It was that brat he met at the hospital when she went to see Yeh-Hee. It was Seung-ho, Yeh-Hee's friend. The kid had the same dark black hair and blue eyes like the elegant beautiful woman she set her eyes on before him.

And the last person, the last person seated beside the brat shocked her even more. She was sure her mouth was widened open from the shock.

It was Park Seung-Won. Park Seung-Won! That guy!

That damn annoying guy!

And how shameless of him, he was looking at Jin-hee with that charming smile again!

Was he trying to seduce her! No one has ever accomplished that no matter how good looking they were.

And for some reason.....

Shit! Did her heart skip a beat at Seung-Won's smile?


No! She was definitely not going to fall for that annoying guy!!

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