Sexy Jane

Lee Jane sat annoying and uncomfortably at her desk in the infirmary, surrounded by pervert students who were all boys by the way, claiming to be sick. They were a totally of six students, six perverted students. She had a lot on her mind and so wasn't paying much attention to the disgusting pervert eyes scanning her body and making lewd comments. They didn't dare touch her, they just stood around her, watching her exposed legs and thighs not forgetting their eyes roaming at her exposed bosom.

'So Sexy'

'I wonder how it would be like to have sexy Jane all to myself'

'I'll be blessed if I can have sexy Jane all to myself for a day or even for a second!'

'Miss Sexy Jane, do you have a boyfriend? Are you dating anyone?'

'What?! Don't ask that!! "

'Well, even if you are I still want you"

'Maybe I should beat up your boyfriend and have you all to myself'

And these are just a small example of what she had been hearing since these good for nothing teenagers came into her office claiming to be sick.

They really were sick. They were sick with a serious disease of reprobation. Unfortunately, with all the nonsense they were saying, Miss Sexy Jane was more concern about the endearing name they chose for her and she didn't like it, just so you know. So hated this name so much!! They were a lot of loveable names or titles!!!

They could have called her, 'Mr Hwang's girlfriend' or 'Joon-su's pretty wife' or 'Mr Hwang's sexy girlfriend' or maybe, 'Mr Hwang's sugar girl' see? They were all nice titles or endearing names and she would have liked it. By the way, these titles or endearing names or whatever you want to call wasn't lame. Not at all!! And she would have very much liked any of them!!.

But no! They had to name her 'Miss Sexy Jane' what the heck was up with that?!! Albeit it suited her, her body and personality, still, what the heck was up with that?!!

These kids were being rude but she pay no heed to them or their sexaul hormones which felt the room. What she more concern about was the fact that, Mr Hwang hasn't come to see her yet since the day she helped Miss Sang. What was up with that?!! Didn't that lousy and lazy Hara mention her involvement to Mr Hwang?

What the heck?!! If so, then all her plans would be ruined!!

That Hara!! First, she didn't even thank her after she helped her with her problem with Mr Hwang and now she didn't mention her involvement with their problem?!!

She was going to have a serious talk with her later!!!

She clicked her tongue in annoyance.

"Oh, Miss Jane is even more sexy when she's annoyed" one boy with dark black hair said. The perverse in his eyes and smile couldn't be missed. His eyes roaming gently and hungrily over her body with no fear or whatsoever. Lee Jane didn't even know his name. Actually, she knew none of their names.

"Yes, she's even more sexy when she's annoyed" another boy with brown hair responded, with the same pervert smile and eyes. Lee Jane looked down, trying to calm down her anger. She was almost at her anger limit. If she reached that point, then there would be turning back and no mercy for these useless good-for-nothing teenagers. She would beat the h***l out of them with no mercy and kick them out.

"Yes, who made Sexy Jane this mad, tell me and I will beat them up" another said but Jane didn't know what he looked like but she was sure it was the one closest to her. It was definitely that blondie, he had the most perverted creepy smile and eyes of them all. She saw before when they came in and that blondie was the creepiest of them all. The boy was just so ugly, no offense to his mother, and he also had the creepiest smile and perverted eyes. You can just imagine how creepy he looked.

She was disgusted at the first sight of him.

"Then why don't you beat me up, I'm responsible for the mood she's in" that was Mr Hwang's voice. Lee Jane snapped her head to the door where her eyes found Mr Hwang, gorgeously as he stood, slamming the door snapped.

He looked angrily at the students who were disrespecting her and Jane felt warm inside. Her heart beating like crazy and happiness floating her face.

He came. He really came. 

Stuttering, the creepiest boy of them all answered, "I'm..... I'm.... Sorry, Sorry, Mr Hwang"

"Sorry Sexy—I meant, Miss Jane" he said and together with the other five, they others bowed, apologizing. "We'll be leaving now!!" They said all together and rushed out like they were being chased by a wild boar or something.

The door opened and slammed, indicating the absurd boys had already left. Lee Jan breathed out in relieve, finally she could speak alone with Mr Hwang.

"Why don't you speak up when they do something you don't like, Miss Jane?" Joon-su asked, taking a seat on the bed closest to Miss Jane's desk on her right side. She turned to look at him with a flirtatious smile.

Crossing her right leg on the left one, she asked in a flirting tone, "Are you worried about me, Mr Hwang?" with her head cocked to the side, that flirtatious smile still on her beautiful face.

"Or, are you jealous?" She asked, playing with a strand of hair as her fingers rolled around them, acting all sexy as she became with her flirting.

Joon-su knew this scene. He has seen it a lot of times to know the woman was trying to seduce him.

He smiled at the thought

It wasn't going to work.

"Miss Jane can think whatever she wants" was Joon-su's answer with an enchanting smile, totally trapping Jane around his fingers with no effort.

"Oh, then, May I know what Mr Hwang wants from me? There must a reason why you're here right" of course there was a reason. There was no way he would come to the lion's den without a reason.

"I can say, you only look for me when there's a good reason" the woman knew him well. Too bad, she didn't have a chance.

"Miss Jane is right, I won't lie to you"

"I'm sure there's no reason to beat around the bush then" Miss Jane chuckled. Straightening up her posture, Jane smirked, "So?"

Joon-su was amused by Miss Jane's attitude as always but wasn't exactly amused by it right now. Reality, he hasn't been amused by Jane's seducing attitudes since, well, since this week and the whole issue with being angry with Hara made it even more worst.

He was here because he heard from Hara that she was only able to figure out why he was angry with her with Jane's help.

He brought himself like a fresh living deer for this reason. He really must be stupid.

He laughed at his thoughts before looking at Miss Jane with a smile on his face, matching Miss Jane's equal smile.

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