Their Proof

After Jin-hee's freaking out episode or panicked attack scene, whatever you prefer, which ended up with her crying her eyes dry, she and Seung-Won came back to Bloomers' where their classes were currently taken place. The heater and the air condition still hasn't been fixed so they have no choice but to continue their classes here and it wasn't like they didn't like it here. It was relaxing and comfortable here.

In fact, they prefer to study here instead of the classroom.

During the time Jin-hee was crying, venting out her emotions through tears, Seung-Won patiently comforted her, whispering comforting words and assuring words into her ears.

For once, she felf it was like music to her ears. The calmness and gentleness of the words soothed her, made her feel safe and made her believe Seung-Won.

Everything that annoying guy said, she believed them, whether they were lies or just words for that particular moment. She believed them all, so much that, right now, she was pretending as if those words meant. But,.....but deep down, she knew it meant something to her.

How annoying.

Well, She's also more surprised at the fact that she believed every single comforting and assuring words Seung-Won said to calm her down.

It really shocked her.

She wasn't the type to believe anyone easily and considering everything that happened to her in her life, she wasn't so trusting of assuring ad comforting words anymore.

Yet, Seung-Won changed that.

Seung-Won was changing her and she feared that a lot.

Jin-hee looked on her left, Seung-Won was there. Seated so close to her, saying something she couldn't quiet hear because she was lost in thought. Sitting close to Seung-Won was both comforting and relaxing and she found out it frightened her. She was so used to Seung-Won's warmth and scent that she feared she wouldn't be able to let him go.

Stupid Seung-Won,

What has he done to her?

Jin-hee looked away from his side profile while he was seated, looking at the maths book on the table with a fearful uncomfortable look.

They were now having their tutor session with their tutors. Everyone with their tutor, busy teaching them. Even Yoo Hee was helping Yi Soo tutor Sae Ron which in itself was shocking ad unbelievable.

Well, what could one say? The sight was already proofing it.

"Do you understand?"

"Huh?" Jin-hee asked stupidly when Seung-Won's voice cut through her thoughts. "Were you even listening?" Seung-Won asked with deep frown, showing he didn't like the idea of him trying his best to teach her while she wasn't even listening.

He looked cute.

Feeling shameless and embarrassed for thinking that way, Jin-hee shook her head to clear the fog of cute Seung-Won.

She was really going crazy.

"Ah....I'm sorry" she apologized with a guilty look, looking down.

"What's wrong Jin-hee" Seung-Won's tone was gentle and the concern in it couldn't be missed. Jin-hee felt bad for making him worried about something unimportant.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired" was her answer, her tone stern and apologetic. "Should we take a break?" He suggested. Jin-hee nodded in agreement without adding nothing.

It was quiet and awkward but none of them complained as they both lost themselves in thought. One could only guess what they were thinking about.

"Are you okay Mo Ah?" Yeol asked his current student. Well, he was now the teacher and that made Mo Ah his student. He has been paying attention to her for a while now while he teached and realised Mo Ah didn't look good.

Yi Soo, Sae Ron and Yoo Hee sat right in front of them and he couldn't help but think Yi Soo was eavesdropping on them. Well, if her head leaning back on her chair, closer to them, with her head cocked to the right, her ear perfectly indicating she was listening to their conversation didn't proof she was eavesdropping on them then it might all be in his head.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention" her tone sounded sorry and sad. Yeol could only guess Mo Ah wasn't concentrating because of her questions for Jin-hee. Seung-Won told him everything that was going on and refused to tell him the reason why Jin-hee seemed to keep her distance from them.

Well, he was shameless enough to tell him he knew the reason.

Yeol sighed, "Is okay. Do you want to go for a walk or something? I know we won't get into trouble. The teachers and everyone else don't care about us"

Mo Ah finally smiled for the first time since she joined him for their study session and he couldn't help but be happy. He smiled at Mo Ah, "You mean us losers"

"Well, we're one now and us means all of us"

"I'm glad to hear that" a light blushed crept across Mo Ah's cheeks as she smiled.

It was nice spending time with Mo Ah.

Yeol felt Yi Soo's burning gaze on them but he pay no attention, giving all of his attention to Mo Ah.

He would have to speak with Yi Soo later.


School has finally closed. Everyone got ready to leave with their chairs. Yeol, Yi Soo were first to leave with their school bags and chairs first. Deciding to come back for their tables later because they already had their hands full with their chairs. Seung-Won followed after them after bidding goodbye with Jin-hee and reminding her of the promise she made to go home with him.

It wasn't exactly a promise but Jin-hee didn't call him on it. And just nodded quietly in assurance.

Sun Bong and Bok Dong followed next after sometime which they spent chatting and playing around.

Now, it was just Jin-hee, Young-guk, Mo Ah and Sae Ron. They stood at their desks, hesitating to approach Jin-hee who sat quietly, staring at the blue sky with a stern look.

It looked as if they sky had offended her or something judging by the way she was looking up at it.

Not standing it anymore, Mo Ah approached Jin-hee, standing a few steps from her desk. She realised Jin-hee wasn't lying when she said Jin-hee didn't want them close or touching her. It proofed this morning when Young-guk was having that conversation with her.

Was it even a conversation?

It was more like an interrogation.

Anyways, they got their proof. also seemed like Seung-Won was the only one who could touch her and get close to her.

How funny! She hated that guy so much yet he was the only one whom she could touch and get close to without freaking out.

But still, that question still stands. What happened to her?

"Jin-hee" Mo Ah's voice drew her out of her thoughts. She looked at her with a surprised and questioning look. "Yeah?"

"Are you okay now?" She asked with so much concern in her tone. A genuine smile spread on her friend's lips before she answered, "I'm okay now"

Mo Ah nodded and didn't ask any question again. Though she had a lot, she didn't dare ask them.

Jin-hee was okay now and that was all it mattered.


Jin-hee stood at the bus stop in the area where home was located, wanting for Seung-Won to arrival just as they planed. Well, it was Seung-Won's plan.

Home. She never thought she would ever feel this happy to say or think of the word 'Home'. She had a new home which she was so eager to go back to. This was the first time she has ever felt so eager to get home and it terrified her. But it also made her happy.

Home. A place she didn't have to act strong, didn't have to hide her real self and didn't have to fear getting back to.

She couldn't wait to go back home.

She smiled at the thought and just then, a taxis parked before her. The back door opened and Seung-Won exited out with his bag. Looking apologetic. He might be sorry because he was late and Jin-hee had to wait for so long.

The car took off and Seung-Won stood facing Jin-hee, still with that sorry look on his face. It didn't suite his handsome face.

"Sorry I'm late"

"Is nothing" Jin-hee answered and turned to leave. Seung-Won rushed to her side and they walked side by side. It was already night out, however, she had no clue on what time it was. Her phone was off and she had no watch with her to check the time.

"Why are you late anyways?"she asked to start a conversation. Seung-Won sighed, " You have no idea what I had to go through "

"Then please enlight me" Jin-hee smiled, "Well, first, Miss Sang wanted me to help her with some marking. And then the principal called for me for a conversation. Well, it was more like an interrogation"

"And what did he want to know?"

"He wanted to know what Miss Sang has been teaching us. If she got us cheating materials or something" "Oh, he really doesn't trust Miss Sang, does he?"

"And guess what? No matter what I say, the old man wouldn't believe me. And then suddenly, he accuses me of being a double agent" Jin-hee burst out laughing, her eyes shone with excitement and enjoyment. She was having a good time.

Seung-Won was glad.

He smiled and continued, "And I wasn't even one in the first place!!"

"He must really be having a hard time" she said through laughter, tears poking at the corner of her eyes.

"Well, he really wants us to fail"

"Well, that's not going to happen" Jin-hee smirked at Seung-Won, her eyes spelling confidence, boldness and mischief. God, she looked cool.

And suddenly, all he could see was a cool bewitching Jin-hee, emanating a bright light. Bright enough to blind him but also bewitch him.

Seung-Won stared at her not even realising he was doing that. He was so fascinated by Jin-hee that he didn't even realising he was staring. For far too long.

"By the way......" Jin-hee's voice brought him out of the world of cool Jin-hee which he created himself. He shook his head to clear the fog in mind before answering stupidly, "Huh?"

"I.....about this morning at the rooftop"

Realisation hit Seung-Won hard and a playful smirk lit on his lips, "Yeah, what about it?"

"Tell anyone and you're dead" Jin-hee threatened him, her eyes shone with killing intent and a strong will to follow through her words as she looked at Seung-Won.

Seung-Won gulped, his heart racing like a horse. A warmth feeling spreading through his body and mind yelling, 'She's cool' She's cool' She's cool' 

At this moment, Jin-hee spelt danger, but she was also dangerously cool.

"So, what do you say?" Jin-hee said in a hint of impatient. "Okay, I won't say a work" hearing Seung-Won's respond, she breathed out in relieve, a sweet smile spreading on her lips before she said, "Good" and then speed up her pace.

Seung-Won smiled, loving this side of Jin-hee before following her in her pace. Slowly, he was learning knew sides of Jin-hee and he realised he loved them all.

They were all Jin-hee after all.

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