Chapter 13

Indian summer turned to fledge on fall and fall turned to winter with no interaction with Jeffrey.  Theresa wasn’t sure how she felt about that. Most of the time she hated him for using her in such an abhorrent fashion that Sunday afternoon. But, there were moments when she forgave him and even understood that he’d done it out of pain and guilt.  The more she learned about Jeffrey Holmes, the more she realized how damaged he was by his divorce from Penelope.  She questioned if he’d ever heal.  Her mind repeatedly assured her that she was getting the better brother in marriage, even if her heart didn’t believe it.

She’d spent a considerable amount of time with Glenda Holmes as they planned for her marriage to David. The fact that her own mother passed when she was just a young girl and her father shortly after she entered veterinarian school, made it easier to accept Glenda and Henry’s input. She barely remembered her mot

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