Chapter 16

Theresa twisted her cup of coffee between her hands as she sat at her kitchen table and thought on what to do.  She needed to leave for work, but Jeffrey was still sound asleep in her bed. Should she wake him or leave him where he was?  She just didn’t know.

If she woke him, she’d have to face him.  After the confession he made about loving her, she wasn’t sure she was up to that.  The thought of him withholding his feelings from her for so long and mistreating her because of them just made her blood boil.  She knew she’d eventually forgive him for being an ass after they’d made love.  After all, she was pretty riddled with guilt about it herself. People acted oddly when they were overridden with guilt.  Forgiving him for not telling her that he loved her when he knew how she’d felt about him since she was a young girl and allowing her to move forward with David… well…. she wasn’t sure

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