Chapter 17

It seemed like days, instead of hours, since she left Jeffrey sitting at her kitchen table.  The memories of his half-naked body sitting casually at her table with a steaming mug of coffee in his hands plagued her throughout the day.  He’d looked so sexy.  More than once she had to take a deep breath to calm her desires as the vision of him floated through her mind. Oh, how she wished she’d stripped him bare and taken him right there in the kitchen.  The question of STDs flitted through her mind at the thought.  She’d been extremely cautious about who she had sex with.  She wasn’t lying when she told David he was only her second sex partner.  Her fear was just that great. 

She trusted David when he said he was faithful. Besides, he’d agreed to have the tests run and came through clean as a whistle.  As for Jeffrey, she’d heard enough complaints about his celibacy from his parents and his brother

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