Chapter 20

It was her first day back to work.  Jeffrey was reluctant to let her go, but she eventually convinced him that she was well enough.  Her cast was off, the scar on her face was less angry, and she felt fairly strong.  She saw no reason to sit around and get fat any longer.

Insisting on driving her to her office and picking her up when she was ready, she kissed him good-bye with the promise that it would be a short day.

As she unlocked the door, memories of Jeffrey making love to her in her office flooded her mind.  Her body tingled at the thought until her mind shifted to David’s vicious assault. Cold sweat coated her body and her fingers trembled as she opened the blinds and replaced the closed sign with an open one.

Jeffrey was thoughtful enough to have cleaned things up before she returned to work, so there was no sign of what occurred.  He even managed to have fresh flowers in a vase waiting for her.  It had a card declarin

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