Chapter 11: Lauryn

I wake up with a crook in my neck from sleeping on the couch and Fluffy is licking my face.  Giving her a big hug, I get up and go to the bathroom.  Returning to the living room, I hear my phone ringing.  I search everywhere for it, but when I sit down on the couch I feel it underneath me.  

I look at the screen and it's flashing Samantha's profile.  Answering, I wait a second and then say something.  "What's up?"

Silence on the other end, then I hear a crunching sound.  A few more seconds pass by with more crunching and then she finally says something.  "Sorry, was eating."  

I roll my eyes, "No, really?"

"So.  Did you see our pics all over the internet?"  

"What do you mean?"

I hear her drinking something, "Well, check out The High Life website.  We are on their front page, I shit you not."

"Hold on, let me look it up on my phone."  I get onto the search

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