Chapter 27: Lauryn

I can't believe Mr. Denver jumped me like that.  Just when I was about to leave with Janet for dinner, he comes in and tells me he needs to talk to me.  Looking at Janet, I could tell something was up, because she wouldn't look me in the eyes.  After she leaves, he tries to get me to go to the concert with him, even though I had made it clear before that I wasn't interested.  

What part of no doesn't he understand?  I sit there wondering how to get out of it, when Darren walks in and I suddenly feel relieved.  The look on Jake's face was priceless when Darren notifies him we are going to dinner, but now I realize that Janet isn't trust worthy. 

It scares me, because I told her quite a bit of personal things about me and the way I feel about others at work.  Now I don't know who to trust and I'm heading towards Darren's car again.  Not knowing where we are going or what we are about to do, makes me nervous and excited at

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So sad about Fluffy. :(

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