Chapter 31: Lauryn

Grabbing an overnight bag, I almost forget to call Samantha.  She wanted me to call her after I got home with the details.  I hope she is prepared for what I have to tell her though.  With Darren waiting in the car, I pack and talk to her. 

"You will not believe this.  We get there and his mom asks when the wedding is?  I turned to Darren and he offered up no help, instead he acted like we were getting married, then we go out horseback riding.  While we are out there we have sex and he tells me he loves me.  I mean come on, nobody tells each other that after the second date." 

She starts to say something, but I stop her.  "Wait a minute, let me finish first.  My instincts kick in and I ride away, instead of getting a clue, he rides after me and stops me.  Samantha, he tells me that I am it for him.  What the fuck.  Then he makes love to me and tells me he loves me again.  We go back to his sis

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