Chapter 53: Lauryn

Walking in the door, Darren yells out.  "Where is Karen?"  He runs around the apartment looking for her.  Hearing her name, she comes out of the kitchen looking startled, because she had been  making popcorn before they came in. 

Looking up at him, she asks. "What's going on?"

Relieved, Darren calms down and I wonder why he is so jumpy in the first place.  Did he get a note too or did he find out something he isn't telling me?  Deciding to let it go for now, I thank Karen and send her home after paying her.

Letting my hair down, I relax and go make sure Miah is tucked in.  Carefully opening the door, I peek in and watch her sleep peacefully.  Smiling, I close her door and go to the bedroom where Darren is.  

Sitting on the bed, he stares at me as I come in the door.  The look on his face is one of a man who needs to de-stress.  Stripping, I stand in front of him and run my hands down my side

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