Chapter 54: Darren

It's Wednesday.  Waking up to my beautiful fiance, I smile and kiss her good morning.  Last night was a hit and I am so glad she enjoyed it.  We needed some romance in our relationship after everything that has been going on.  

Getting up and going downstairs to work out, I notice that strangely no one is here again, so I quickly do my routines.  Getting back upstairs in record time, I find her waiting on the couch for me so we can take a shower together.

"Baby, let's go get a shower, I have something I want to give you."  Looking down at my erection, she smiles and nods.

I take her hand and lead her into the shower.  Grabbing a bottle of body wash and turning on the shower, I pour the liquid on her shoulders and watch it slip down her voluptuous body.  Soaping her up, she stares at me with lust in her eyes.  I feel her hands grab my balls and pull me to her.

Leaning down, I cup a breast in each hand and s

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