Chapter 55: Lauryn

Janet told me all about Darren resigning.  I just wish I had heard it from him first.  What happened?  I know that he was on the front page of the newspaper and somehow Jaiden set it up, but why did he have to leave?

Struggling through the rest of the day, I wait till it's time to go home.  Looking at the clock, I see that it's 2 minutes to 5 and I start packing up my things.  I hear a knock at the door and thinking it's Darren, rush over to it.  Unfortunately, it's Jake with a big shitty ass grin on his face.

"So, do you need a ride home?  I assume you heard the news."  Staring at me, he sits down in the chair by my desk.  Patting my chair and motioning for me to sit down, I walk over to it and take a seat. 

Sighing, I listen as he tells me all about it.  "Lauryn, I can't believe he did this to you.  He has made your relationship a scandal, even though it's not true.  How could he drag you into th

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