"Daddy, daddy, look!"   We both turn to look at what Daniel and Daniella are yelling about.  Miah sitting on the sand turns around and watches as the twins run around with a crab.  

It has been three years and the kids have gotten so big.  The twins are 2 and Miah is 5.   Being such a big sister, she always watches out for them and helps with everything. 

Samantha and Chris got married three months after we did and have a beautiful little girl Christina.  Ironically, she looks just like Darren.  Janet and Casper ended up getting engaged, but Janet got bored with him soon after and moved on. 

Theresa quit when she found out Jake was screwing the secretary on the fourth floor, shortly after Darren came back to work.  Then one night almost a year ago, Jake was driving in a storm, when he took a corner too fast in his Maserati and ended up slamming into a semi going 150.  He had to have a close

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Clarissa J. Moore
Great book. I had a feeling Samantha's baby was Darren's from that one-night stand.
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Debbi Daugherty Acuña
Such a wonderful story Very well written by such a talented Author
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