I smell and then see as Ryker approaches the training field. I continue my sparring session just waiting for him to make up his mind on whether he is going to just watch, join me or talk to me once I am finished. Once he decides to make his way down to me, I watch him approach, complete the sparring set I was doing and then grab my towel and head over to him as I ask.

"Ryker? What brings you here?" he leans in, giving me a soft kiss on the cheek

"Hi Grandmother, I was looking for you.."

"Really... What can I help you with?"

"I have been having this dream about a female..."

"Really... Ryker, is she anyone we know?"

"Grandmother!!! I think it is my mother, and I was actually hoping you would tell me about her and what she looked like. Father will only tell me she looked beautiful and that Opal and River look a little like her."

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