Once I woke up from the drain of the spell I used to hide us, I have never had to use so much energy before; I heard the other female join her voice to mine and I don't think it would have worked as well as it did if she hadn't done so. Scarlett introduced herself, then H, and then I introduced myself. H was a little reluctant to allow me, but eventually, he caved and allowed me to travel with them.

I, however, didn't miss the fresh bruises on her neck, arms, and legs. I wouldn't be surprised if she also had them over the rest of her body. From where they were placed, she was in some sort of fight. Scarlett informed me that they would swap between travelling by foot and by car. This time we travel for a week on foot before we settled into a house H had arranged for us at the MoonBlood vampire clan in a different territory.

Scarlett and I were getting along really well and anyone watching Scarlett with H would definitely think that they were mate

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