I can't believe I allowed Isabella to talk me into disobeying H and Wrath again but I must admit it is good to walk around amongst others without H or Wrath keeping us shielded from everyone, and the excitement coming off of Isabella is amazing and a little contagious. I take in the fresh air as we walk arm-in-arm through the stalls. I stop and just look around at all the people as Isabella looks at some necklaces.

I smell them first. It is a scent that I will never forget. I scan my eyes over the crowd until I find them. I try really hard to keep myself where I am and not run over to them, wrapping them in my arms for the first time in twenty years... My Brother... My family. I turn back to Isabella as she returns to my side after finishing with the Witch behind the table; I don't know what it is, but I bow my head a little and allow Isabella to put one of the necklaces she just bought around my neck.

I then look back over to where I see Nathan

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