Not long after I am on my feet, he is too. He steps up and takes a shot; I block it and return one of my own, but he blocks it; we continue this back-and-forth, managing to occasionally score a hit to each other. I know when Isabella joins us in the sitting room but stays out of the way, by this time H has extended his claws so I have done the same and I know the moment H allows Wrath to join us as well, as the next punch that hits hurts like hell.

"Scar, allow us to help. We may be weakened by that darn silver bracelet, but we can still help..."


I allow Cara and Ruth to share control, now we can move slightly faster and hit just a fraction harder but unfortunately, it doesn't make much of a difference as we block one hard hit from him just to miss the next one and as soon as he found that opening he used it and just continued to punch and kick, punch and kick. I had no choice but to just defend myself, ge
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