CH 23

Jax and I went to dinner there is a restaurant that we go to in the inner harbor that is the best place on earth to eat so we went there and when we were done eating, we went for a stroller in the harbor just spending some time together talking and having a blast, I have missed doing things like this with someone. I was grinning from ear to ear, I looked at my phone just texting on the twin I texted the nanny and my dad they said that they were great, and I looked, and I had a miss call from Mateo and texts asking me to call him when I got a chance. So, I told Jax to give me a minute I wanted to call him back and see what he wants fast.

Phone Conversation

Ring, Ring

Mateo : Hello

Sky: Hey Mateo its me.

Mateo: Hey Babe , I wanted to say I am sorry about last night.

Sky: Well apologize accepted. I tried to call you before I left but you didn’t answer and you didn’t come home where were you?

Mateo: I was at Xander’s a f

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