Thirty Sixth Meeting

Edward sat down at the kitchen table to eat his breakfast. He had a lecture in an hour and the university was half an hour away by bus so he was keen to eat his breakfast very quickly.

“There’s some major news from Albion,” his mother said suddenly. “The palace has announced that Queen Annelise died in the early hours of this morning.”

Edward dropped his toast in shock. Hewould have never imagined that Queen Annelise would die so soon. She had been very full of life when he had met her.

His parents exchanged looks. Edward picked up his slice of toast and carried on eating whilst he thought about Albion. The three of them never really talked about their past in Albion. They had assimilated to their new life in Switzerland quickly.

Despite that, Albion and Sebastian were always somewhere in his mind.

Sebastian couldn’t be doing too well at the moment. Queen Annelise’s death meant that he would become king at

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