Forty Ninth Meeting

Edward wanted to flee as soon as the first song was over and it was time for everyone else to dance. Sebastian kept his hand on his waist.

“Remember that we will have to dance with other people if we split up,” Sebastian reminded him. “Let’s do a few dances and slip out when no one’s looking.”

That suggestion was attractive. Edward put up with dancing a little more and was relieved when Sebastian’s hand finally dropped from his waist. That meant it was time to sneak away.

They wove their way through the dancing couples. Sebastian led him to the balcony which was free of people. The night wind was cold, but it was welcome after the stifling heat of the ballroom.

“You’re better at dancing now,” Sebastian commented. “It’s coming more naturally to you.”

Edward was pleased to have a compliment about his dancing.

“How many more hours is this dance party going to go

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