Fifty First Meeting

Sebastian knew Edward was right. Getting too invested in the case was not helping himself or his stress levels.

Waiting for new leads was the only thing he could do. There were other people to investigate the case.

He just had a strange feeling in his stomach that he couldn’t pinpoint. Then he got it.

“I think some of what I’m feeling is guilt,” he said. “I benefited from someone else murdering my mother. I became the king and inherited her power and money.”

He had grown up knowing he would become the king of Albion someday. He had never held any feelings of dread, hate or love towards his future role. It was just something that was set to happen. His desire to become king had become stronger after meeting Edward.

Then he had ascended to the throne at 19, a lot sooner than he had expected and only a year after his desire to become king had increased. It felt like if he hadn’t had those feelings, his mother

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