Fifty Eighth Meeting

Edward smiled at his future husband and gave him a light kiss. Sebastian responded quickly.

“Did you want to stay for a little longer?” Sebastian asked.

“I do want to look like I have had some sleep,” Edward replied. “There’s only so much that makeup can cover up.”

He got off the bed and shared a brief kiss with Sebastian. It was tempting to stay, but he knew they could be more open about their relationship after the wedding.

He walked back through the secret passageway. Now that he had gone through it so many times, he didn’t pay much attention to what direction he was following. He had a rough idea of where he always was.

Edward came to a stop when he picked up the sounds of someone talking. It was an odd time for people to still be up talking.

He put his ear to the wall in an effort to pick something up. It worked to some degree, he was able to hear some words.

“....Cathedral… sniper… vows… fire escape… assassination…”

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