Chapter 40

I can’t be blamed for still harboring the thought of the first-time pleasure I explored with Garrett. Being a newbie to such, it was hard to get the experience out of my head. It made it seem like it was just yesterday it had happened even though it has been a week already.

The feeling I still had from it was something I don’t have the right words for. It felt like I went through a phase and was about to start a new one, if that was the best way I could describe the feeling. But what I do know is that I want to go through that feeling again.

I never expected it to happen. And with my constant saucy behavior toward Garrett, I never imagined he would pull such a stunt. But he did. And here I am, still unable to keep him out of my mind. The fact that I didn’t pull away was enough to know I needed that kiss from him.

I think I believe now that the first kiss with the right person was the most magical. It is

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