Chapter 64

It feels good that I can freely use my hands again even if it’s for nothing important. But that was all I wanted instead of having them chained like an animal — even if I’m one in some sense. Talk about the burns I used to go through as well.

Still, my legs were chained, which sorts of prevented me from doing a lot of things. Like moving about, for example. But it doesn’t mean I haven’t tried to free myself from the chain to no avail. Each trial came with burns on my palms but I was fervent in it. I still have a question bugging me. And that is to know the reason the beta had to unchain my hands.

I should consider it something that needs to be done, but with the beta’s incomprehensible acts, I have a feeling it was more than just unchaining my hands. But what could it be if it isn’t the ordinary situation it looks like?

It’s been a few days since that crazy old man was here, basically with an intention I have no id

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