Chapter 70

Not again. Not even at this crucial period. I did not need more than the growls and the foul odor emanating from the wolf to know it was a rogue. Saliva was dripping down the side of the mouth as it continued to growl at me and it was one way to know it wasn’t in its right senses.

What was I even thinking when I decided to escape from where I was bound? That I would have it easy when I step foot outside? I should have known that leaving the territory of the Green Woods, which was probably the safest place for me at the moment, would expose me to harm's way. This rogue was probably the tip of the iceberg.

I might have lost my abilities as a wolf, but the stench from the rogue was disgusting to me. I was at this point where I could puke my brain out but my self-control was helping in a lot of ways. I’m still surprised I was able to stand the stench when I still had my hyper senses.

A realization hit me, and I h

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