Chapter Nine (Part Two)

Jordyn was back in the cell, Leviathan frozen in terror as he stared straight into her eyes. She took his traumatized state as a way to escape and flung her head into his, knocking him down. She started to shift, not caring about her clothes, hoping that the silver wouldn’t burn her wrists too bad. She was shocked at how little resistance the cuffs gave her before shattering. She felt the burns but didn’t have time to question anything. Fully in wolf form, she ran. Not knowing where she was didn’t alter her plan at all. She went with her instincts and followed her nose the best she could with the thunderstorm that was happening as soon as she got out of the house she was being held hostage in.

She ran deep into the forest, praying for the scent to quit fading, but it was gone all too soon as her fur soaked with the heavy downpour of rain. Her adrenaline was going and in her wolf form she should have never

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