2: Enter.. the vampire

 *The vampire*

 I look down on the streets below me. The noise and the stench doesn't bother me right now.; I have locked them from my heightened senses. It is what lies underneath the pulsating nightlife of the city that entices me.

 I jump down from the roof landing smoothly and elegantly on the flat roof of the next building. I jump up on the ledge turning my gaze to the small side streets below and their dim light. They are like vacant grey streaks hidden behind the inferno of the city. A breeze caresses my face; I close out all the noise and let the evening air fill my lungs. My body quivers lightly with pleasure and I enjoy the smell of the asphalt, sending the last warmth gathered through a long day of sunshine towards me. Spring is on it's way. Once again I breathe in feeling delighted, but something makes me stiffen, my eyes flashing open. Something tempting has hit my senses and I open my mouth slightly tasting the scent in small gulps.

 Spicy sweetness, a feminine note.

 I cock my head, listening intently. Happy laughter and elated voices confirmed what my nose had already told me. Shortly after the girls come walking down the street. They have hooked their arms under one anothers, gossiping about tonight's events. Without a sound I get up, following them from the ledge, around the corner and down the next side street. They stop in front of a door, hugging each other and saying their goodbyes, before one of them disappears through the door.

 While watching her walk down the street below me, I squat down and breathe in again. Below the choking smell of some cheap celebrity perfume her own seductive female scent is singing to me. I love the slightly sour musk, mixing with the sweet metallic basenote of the blood, coming towards me in small pulse beats.

 I let myself drop ten metres down to the street and slowly follow her.

 "Hunting or fishing ?" I mutter.

 The Sound makes the girl twirl around. The street is empty. Only the homely sounds from the houses get caught by the concrete walls. Her eyes gliding over the facade, stopping at an open window, the sound of a tv reaching her ears. With an eased sigh she straightens her bag a bit and continues down the street. 

 She has almost reached the next corner when I step up from the gate i to the back yard, leaning lazily on the wall. She stops with a surprised little gasp. Her eyes running over me and like a movie moving in slow motion I see her expression change to fear with every cm of me she takes in. I can't suppress a smile when it clearly snaps into place in her head that this meeting was no coincidence. I can almost hear how the hair on her arms stand up.

 Without taking her eyes off me she backs up and when she is at a safe distance, she turns and crosses the street with long stiff strides. The echo from her heels follows her while she quickly makes her way towards a park. It looks like she is going to try for a quick exit through the darkness, to get to the busy street on the other side.

 She cast long glances over her shoulder.

 I am no longer anywhere to be seen; the street is empty. The sound of her heels turn to hollow slams as she starts running. Just as she is about to enter the park, I step out from behind the big tree at the entrance. Her shoes make a marrying sound as she comes to an abrupt stop. Her low cut cleavage is heaving with each laboured breath and she is shaking so badly her bag slips from her shoulder. Everything about her screams about fear, but still she just stands there, staring with huge eyes. It is first when I take a step towards her that she snaps out her trance. She whimpers and turns to run for her friend's door.

With an astute smile I start following her at a light jog. "Where are you going ?"  I Call seductively. "I just want to ask you something, my beautiful".

 The girl doesn't react.

 "Come on darling I won't bite". I call out. "Or..". I give a short laugh and up my tempo. Before she has taken another step I am standing in front of her and she slams into me. "Isn't that just something you say ?" 

 She looks up at my face with panic written on her features. My eyes reflect the street lights when they meet hers. She is about to scream but I quickly clamp a hand over her mouth, pulling her face to me. My sharp teeth poking out the corners of my mouth as I gently whisper. "If you promise to be good and not scream I will let you run. Okay ?"

 She is nodding frantically.

 I turn her around, so she is facing the park again and give her a push forward. She is staggering for the first steps before getting control of her legs, then she runs full speed. For a long moment I stay there watching her. Several times I breathe in the scent and enjoy the extra picant note now coming from her. The smell of her fear makes me more excited.

 "Eight, nine, ten ! Ready or not, here I come". I laugh, sprinting after her.

 The park is cool and the vegetation thick enough to keep the scenes hanging under the treetops. With no trouble at all I catch up, letting her run in front of me, enjoying the scent of her essence. The desire grows and even if I enjoy the game, I can't hold the thirst down any longer. I need to have her. In a long cat-like jump I land in front of her.


 She stumbles and the next second she is dangling in my iron grip. I easily help her back on her feet and straightens her paillette dress.

 "There you go, perfect again". I tell her, sending her my most charming smile, while pushing the long soft locks of hair from her winther pale neck. The scent wafting against me almost knocks me off my feet and my eyes turn black with excitement. With a low snarl I grab her, and before she even realises what is happening my teeth have broken through the soft skin of her neck. Even if she fights to get free and cry with fear I hold her in a gentle embrace, while I greedily drink her sweet thick blood.

 Her heart is beating insistently, before the rhythm dips and get weak. She doesn't fight me, but is hanging limp in my arms. I should stop; but she is so irresistible and I just can't get enough of the sweet and sour taste that her fear has added. With a passionated sigh I pull her closer to me, sinking my fangs deeper. Soon she starts cramping in my arms and I have to hold her tighter not to drop the body. 

 A thin stripe of blood runs down my chin when I make a new bite on her neck, draining the last drops. She is staring emptily into the darkness as the light dim in her eyes and her soul leaves her body.

 With a joyful moan I let go and laugh euphorically, feeling her adrenaline run through my body.

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