3: Dreaming of him


 Every second I spend in the cantine or hallways that week I find myself scanning the rooms for Luca and sometimes I am lucky enough to catch a glimpse of his tall muscular frame in the crowd. He was as expected accepted by the guys hanging around the Elites and he looked like he felt right at home with the IT crowd.

 From the table where Davina and I usually sit at lunch, I can easily catch glimpses of him, as he hangs out with the other guys. He has such a handsome face, with a cute nose and full soft looking lips. Most days he has stubbles, like his facial hair grows very fast. It suits him, even if it makes him look a bit too old to be here. There is something endearing and charming about him and he always seems to smile.

 Everytime I catch myself staring at him for too long, it is his wonderful hazel eyes drawing me in, but it is the beautiful and mesmerising smile, when it slowly spreads on his face, that keeps me captivated. I have seen handsome guys before, maybe even some more handsome than Luca, but I have never felt attracted to them like this. It is enough to just sit here studying him. I would never conceive myself into thinking he would be interested in me, not like that.

 When the last lesson Friday afternoon is finally over and done I hurry outside through the heavy glass doors, sitting down on the bench by the bike rack, hoping to catch one last glance at Luca before the weekend. I pull out my math book, not to look pathetic, like some stalkerish girl waiting for him, but keeping my eyes on the students walking by.

 It takes a while, but there he is, he is half a head taller than the guy he is walking beside. My heart skips a beat when he laughs and reveals that smile I have become so addicted to already. But when Julie steps out the door too, my happiness takes a plunge. She laughs at something Luca says and places her hand on his arm.

 I scrunch up my face and hurriedly look down to hide my feelings; the disappointment being too much. Why Julie ? He is too good for her, too sweet, funny and happy to be with that snobbish sourpuss of a Gucci bag.

 When I have collected myself enough to look up, they are right in front of me and for a second my eyes lock with Luca's. A small smile pulls at the corner of his mouth, before he walks past and disappears from view. I stare after them kind of paralyzed, not knowing whether I should be happy about the almost smile he had sent me or crushed that he had left with Julie.

 "Hey doll". Davina slumps down beside me. "Tell me you aren't dreaming of getting accepted by the Elites".

 "Oh no, most definitely not". I sigh and then huff. "They are just too much".

 "Are you coming down with something ?" Davina asks for about the millionth time this week. "You seem off, more than usually I mean".

 I send her a rather helpless smile. "Just stressed about the approaching exams I think".

 "Well that makes two of us". Davina nods. "Hey, we can always get a job as bag girls in a grocery shop.. not fancy but we can do fancy in our spare time".

 "But that's it isn't it ?" I sigh and turn towards Davina. "My mom has been working her butt of, making sure I could get an education. She doesn't want me ending up bagging groceries or cleaning offices like her".

 Davina crosses her arms. "Well then we just have to work hard from now on, together we can do it". She says thoughtfully.

 I can't help laughing. "Sure, but you are possibly even worse than me at English and math and those are the only classes we have together".

 "Well then we have to work our tiny bits off in those two classes. If we do good enough in those it ought to pull up our average so we can graduate".

 "I think we can do that. But are you sure you are not too busy making dresses ?" I say teasingly.

 Davina smiles. "Well now you mention it, I need to get going, there is some fabric I need to get my hands on. It's for Your outfit".

 "My what ?" I call after her.

 "Have you listened to me at all, doll ? You need to look like a star when you are going out with me". She calls over her shoulder before disappearing.

 I groan theatrically and have to stop myself from running after Davina and beg her to let me cancel. I don't know what part I fear the most .. being paraded around in some leather and lace goth outfit or risking some Marilyn Manson clone starting to speak to me and I don't know how to act or what to say.

 "Oh I am so.. going to regret this". I mumble and get up from the bench, I guess I better get home.

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