34: Does this come with superpowers ?


 The others are already filling their plates, when I come in. From the front door I step directly into an old fashioned combined dining and living room. I can see a kitchen through a door. I walk over to the table, sitting down at the empty spot.

 I suddenly realise how hungry I am and I start loading food up on my plate when Gudrun hands me the dish with the fish.

 "I noticed that you made the wind blow back in your garden and when you received your calling there was a violent wind involved too". Siri says before taking a bite of the fish. "After lunch we better try to figure out where that comes from".

 "So that is my superpower or what ?" I say hasing a potato around my plate, finally spearing it with my fork.

 Gudrun coughs, almost choking on her fish. "I wish it was like that ! I could use

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