65: Coming home


 "Sol". My mom calls across the terminal as she runs towards me.

 The others have driven me to Heathrow airport less than ten minutes ago and I am just making a short stop in the coffee shop before spotting my mom. Now I walk out, trying to put on the appropriate expression. The face slides into an involuntary smile as I get close to my mom. Is she going to look right through me and know Ghana is a lie ? My stomach starts knotting up with fear of being discovered. In my head I go through the lines I have practised, just to be sure; they have to be believable. Siri has told me that Ghana is reality for my mom and if I stick to the story she will never know differently.

 "Oh I missed you so much sweetie". My mom says, hugging me tightly in her arms.

 All doubt disappears when I hug my mom back. I really have missed her. No matter wh

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