Chapter 39

"What did you say, Lady Yassi? Something happened between you and Prince Karim last night?" Flera asked incredulously after hearing what she said.

Yassi couldn't stop herself from crying. "Yes, Flera. But I didn't mean that to happen. I was drunk last night. When he approached me I saw Reikel face and I thought he was the one who approached me. I didn't think it was Karim."

"Miss Yassi," that was all Flera could say. She did not know how to appease her. She just hugged her and gently stroked her back.

"I can't face Reikel anymore, Flera. I'm a dirty woman," she said still crying.

Flera shook her head before speaking. "That's not true, Lady Yassi. You didn't want it to happen. It's not your fault. The culprit is Prince Karim because he took advantage of your drunkenness."

Yassi did not comment on what Flera said. No matter what she says it will never ch
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