Chapter 61

Yassi was imprisoned in the cold jail of the palace. There was no bed inside the prison so she only slept on the cold floor. She couldn't help but cry. She never thought she would experience this. Being imprisoned and just waiting for them to kill her. She doesn't know whom she would ask for help because the person who was supposed to help her was the one who imprisoned her. Her heart is in so much pain. How could Reikel have done such a thing to her? Where is justice in this world?

"Lady Assi! Lady Assi!" Yassi heard Flera's voice who suddenly ran closer to her.

From leaning against the wall while sitting she suddenly stood up and approached the railing.

"Flera, I'm not at fault. I didn't put poison in the food that I cooked by myself. I'm not a fool to do that in case I kill someone," she said to Flera who was crying as they both clung to the railing.

"I know, Lady Assi. I know you didn
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