Chapter 64

Prince Reikel had a headache when he woke up the next day. But even when he is already awake he still did not get up from his bed because he was too lazy to stand up. For the first, he felt lazy to get up. If Morry hadn't just rushed into his room as if ten horses were chasing him he wouldn't have gotten up from lying on the bed.

"What's wrong with you and you seem to be being chased by a lot of horses, Morry?" he couldn't help but question him as he washed his face. Below his bed, there was a tub of water ready for him to wash. Even if he didn’t ask anymore he knew Morry was the one who put that water below his bed.

"Your Majesty, the queen released Lady Assi from prison! And according to our spy who was next to her, the queen was very happy to learn that Lady Assi had killed your mother. Lady Assi kept her promise to the queen that she will kill her mother that's why she released her. And I have one more p
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