Diane walked into the company, smartly dressed in a long black skirt that had a slit at the side, a black shirt tucked into the skirt and a black suit to top it off. She held her bag and walked towards the elevator, her heels making a click-clack sound on the floor.

Although she was uncomfortable, she ignored the stares that her workers were giving her. While some mumbled greetings to her, some basically just stared rudely at her till she got into the elevator.

She waited for a while as the elevator jerked and moved slowly. Then, it stopped and slid open. Diane stepped out.

“Good morning ma,” Her personal assistant greeted, rising up from her desk. Diane grunted in reply, walking towards her office. Her personal assistant shot towards her, obstructing her path. “Ma, I don’t….I…I…don’t think you should go in yet.”

Diane stared at her like she had grown two heads. “What? Why shouldn’t I go

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