Diane stood in the middle of her new house, a feeling of melancholy enveloping her. She stared at the three seat sofas, the arm chairs, the couches and the center table in the living room. Sighing heavily, she moved to one of the couches and slumped into it. She had just paid for the house. After her discussion with Jayden in the morning, it had become more important than before for her to find a new house and she was so grateful that she did. But she just couldn't shake the feeling of loneliness that came with the house. She was the only one in it and it bothered her as she had been so used to living with other people.

Reaching out to pick her phone on the table, she decided to giver her sisters a call. She unlocked her phone, scrolled through her contact list, clicked on Malvika's name and dialed the number. After ringing thrice, Malvika picked up. "Hey, Diane, what's up?"

"I'm fine. How are you, Malvi?"

"I'm good. It's nice to hear from you. What of Jayden?"

Diane glanced around.
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