Malvika brought the car to a stop beside the house and waited for her sister, Natasha, to climb out of the car. After climbing out, Natasha closed the door and poked her head through the window. "Malvi, aren't you coming in?"

"Of course. But not now. I need to go and see someone."

Natasha gave her a knowing look. "And does that someone happen to be Jayden?" She asked, while Malvika avoided her glancing, not replying her. Natasha sighed. "Malvika, I thought you've given up on whatever obsession it is you have for Jayden."

Malvika's eyes flashes with anger as she whirled her head around to glare at her sister. "It's not an obsession, Natasha. I love him and I don't think you understand what that means. Now, if you would excuse me." She rolled the window up, forcing Natasha to yank her head backwards. Then, she started the car and drove out of the compound.

As Natasha watched her leave, she thought, 'I understand. More than you can ever imagine."

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