By six o'clock in the evening, everyone – Diane, Natasha, Nicholas, Jenny, Paul, Alyssa, Mark, Grace and Olivia, Haley, Sharon and Malvika were gathered around. Malvika was seated on the couch, in between Diane and Nicholas who both had inviting smiles on their faces. Everyone was presenting their gift and it was so heartwarming. Mark and Grace and bought her a baby cot. Haley and Sharon had both contributed money to get her a baby monitor. Other gifts included some baby boys clothes, feeders, pram and so on. Of course, these people didn't yet know that Malvika was planning to pass the baby on to Diane.

All through the event, Jenny kept staring at Malvika, a confused look on her face. Why were they throwing a baby shower? Was Diane aware that Nicholas's was the father of the baby? She was beginning to suspect that Malvika didn't tell the truth of the story to Diane. She glanced at Malvika, hoping to catch her gaze but it seemed like Malvika was purposely ignoring her. So, she decided
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