I slowly opened my eyes and a radiant light forced my eyes close. The light was bright enough that I have to blink multiple times to take it in my stride. Amidst the blinding light bedazzled brighter than the light was her smile. She was standing there looking back at me beaming the prettiest smile that sparkled up to her eyes. Behind that sweet smile was her bidding goodbye.

I gasped. “Gugu!”

“I’m here!” Gugu panicked and appeared in front of me.

I gazed at her and for some seconds she glitched like car’s blinkers. I lunged at her seizing her for a hug. For split seconds I was able to touch.

“Woah! Did you just touch me? Another upgrade?” Gugu twirled her excitement. “Do it again! Do it again!” she told me hopping.

I did it again but my grasp passed through her washing away her excitement.

“Trial card?” She lowered her head turned around and passed through the wall.

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