“Insolent fool!” Her hands snapped into black thin strips and elongated toward Grip’s direction, attacking randomly.

Grip turned around slashing his scythe in the air releasing a huge curve of light and hit all the strips bursting it to fire flakes. The flakes stayed in place, floating in the air. Grip raised his hand and snapped his fingers turning the flakes into ashes. Cold wind blew sweeping all the ashes away.

The demon cried screaming. She regrew her hands by reducing her necks’ lengths. She outstretched her fingers forming them into long and sharp claws. She clawed in the air unleashing multiple black curves in succession. Grip leaped over her head spinning and landed on the ground standing behind her. He dodged her counterattack with just one jump.

The concrete wall that the black curves hit cracked and crumbled down the ground in pieces slamming my ass on the floor in shock.

Her six heads wailed ferociously. The corners of

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