I dropped my phone after hearing what he said. I hastely went back to the elevator and ran again toward the gym. It was passed two in the afternoon already.

“Serra, here!” Mandy waved her hand at me.

I ran in thier direction. I gasped for air. “Where is Amanda?”

“Amara called and they were together at the moment. What’s going on?” She looked both worried and confused.

I looked at Lulu’s direction and Mandy already got what I meant.

“Lulu!” I approached her.

She turned around and faced me. She was wearing an ice-cold expression, far from the Lulu that I knew. Something was really not right here. I saw Kate died but her name wasn’t carved at the black scroll. I shook the doubt in my mind and focused to the present.

“Lulu, grabbed my hand and get out of the body.” I lend my hand to her but just like before she just stared down my hand.

“Yes, Lulu.

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