Chapter 1- Cursed

 " Are you fucking crazy?"


" What joke are you trying to pull Antonio?! You know how much I've waited for this moment to unfold!"


" No! You're the one who's trying to pull a joke here! You despise her or loathed her, for all I know. How can you be her mate when all of her life she's quivering around you?! Huh, you must be dreaming. "


" Wow, and you're now playing the best friend and knight in shining armor Alpha who only uses her to piss the fuck out of me?! "



My head is throbbing and I am in pain. I don't know what happened or where am I but I can hear different voices which are both shouting out of rage. Slowly, I opened my eyes and close them once again when the rays of the sun directly hit my face. The situation suddenly triggers a memory in my head, so I abruptly get up but I was shocked to saw two alphas sitting in front of me. 


" And the princess is finally awake," Alpha Nicholas said before angrily walking in my direction. 


I shivered at his stare and trembles because of his presence. " S-Stop, where am I?" 


He only scoffs before he goes back to the single couch and opened a pack of cigarettes. His twin alpha, alpha Antonio growls at him before he tenderly walks in my direction and sits beside me in this large bed. My eyes wandered around the room and I panicked when I realized where am I. 


" Memories huh?" Alpha Nicholas grins when he saw me panicking. When I was young, I was brought here by him because of doing something that disgraces him. I saw him talking to the rival of our pack and I decided to be a whistleblower to his father, the late alpha but I actually ended up ruining his plans for revenge. During that day, he made me kneel in front of him and pledge my submission which totally shatters my pride. Not only that, but he declares a feud between himself and me which makes my friends leave me in isolation. 


Alpha Antonio, slowly holds my hands to stop it from trembling. His twins scoff at his action before he puffs his cigarette and like a true alpha of this pack, he blows the smoke in the air. He was full of domination, everything about him screams domination. 


" Tell me, are you waiting for your mate in that cabin?" Like a good girl, I nodded to Alpha Antonio because that was the truth. 


There is a victory smile that appears on his lips but it subsided when we heard Alpha Nicholas growling once again. " And what are you doing there Nicholas? You told him, aren't you? To confuse me or to reject me? Too bad, I don't want to reject you, yet." 


My lips open to defend myself but words aren't coming out because of the fear. " She didn't tell me anything, asshole. I told you she's my mate." 


" And you want me to believe that? She's my mate, I know it. I felt it and I am ready to mark her when you came and ruined everything!" 


They are both in rage but I was confused. 


" Wait... who's my m-mate?" 


" I am! "


" It's me! " 


I both stare at them because of their synchronous words. 


" Are you fucking kidding me right now?! " raising my voice, I stand and walk over the door to get out. They both lost their mind or if this is just a trick, then I am not happy with any of it. 


" Take a further step and I will fucking claim and mark you, right here and right now. " 


My feet suddenly froze because of the threat of Alpha Nicholas. I know him, he will not hesitate to do what he just said because he's like that, a man of his words. No one wants to disobey or disrespect him, the notorious and merciless alpha. A total opposite of his twin. 


Alpha Antonio scowls at his twin before he held my hand and helps me settles in the bed once again. 


" Can't you feel or smell who's your mate between us? Of course, I am confident that it was me and this asshole is just bluffing. You know that I will take care of you right? You'll be a perfect luna for my pack," he gently said while holding my chin and making me look at him. Alpha Antonio, unlike his twin, is a gentle and reasonable alpha. He is dominating in a very kind way. Wolves respect him because of his kindness while wolves respect Alpha Nicholas because of fear. 


" She's mine," Alpha Nicholas growls but my head is really throbbing. Suddenly, my ears started ringing and a surge of pain fell upon my head. My hands instinctively cupped my head because of the pain. 


Alpha Antonio, panicked. " Are you okay?" he asked but the pain is too much for me to response. Alpha Nicholas fastly throws the cigarette outside, pulling the curtain and revealing the perfect sunlight coming from the glass windows. 


" Aaaaargh!" 


My mind went numb until I finally remember it, the woman's voice...the bright place and her curse. My breathing stopped and my eyes widen because of the new memory. With wide eyes, I looked to both of them. 


" I saw her...the moon goddess, she cursed us." 


" Now, that's a bullshit!" Alpha Nicholas said pacing in front of us. He didn't believe what I said but I know what I saw. 


" She cursed us to be a trio mate, we will bring blood to our pack... to our nation, " my voice trembles and tears started to streams down my eyes. Then another memory flashed in my eyes, a very disturbing memory. 


With a trembling hand, I slowly lifted my dress and pulls my bra. 


" What are you doing?! " they both shouted in unison but it didn't stop me from looking at my breast. 


" Strip your shirt. Both of you, now!" I commanded, raising my voice to the alpha twins. At first, they hesitate and shocked is visible in their faces. Alpha Antonio is the first one to strip his shirt, then when Alpha Nicholas saw what was embedded in his twin's chest, he angrily ripped his shirt too. 


No words came out from the three of us. We are all frozen in our position, not believing what we are seeing in our bodies. 


" What the hell is going on?!" 


It was Alpha Nicholas who first reacted but all I can comprehend is that..... all of it was real. I really saw the moon goddess and right now we are all seeing the living proof of her existence


 At our chest, we are branded. The symbols of her wrath is embedded in our chest. We all know of its existence, it was taught in the school but all of us thought that it was just part of the history. 


Her insignia of the crescent moon with the crown on top of it is visible, it's a good sign they said but then the crown has torn. And we all know what it means, we are really cursed by the moon goddess.

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